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Lionel Messi: Pitch invader commits ‘criminal act’ while trying to get a Selfie

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La Liga says it will take legal action as pitch invader breaches stadium security to get a Selfie with Messi during behind-closed-doors game, Mallorca V Barcelona.

The fan, wearing an an Argentina shirt with Messi’s name and number, managed to appear on the Mallorca pitch on the 2nd half of Saturday’s match. He posed for a snap, at a distance, with Messi before being grabbed and escorted away by security.
In a statement the Spanish League considers the incident to be a “criminal act” and wants to make clear its “total condemnation”. The statement goes on to say,
“this type of conduct puts at risk the health the health of players and risks damaging the integrity of the competition”.
Claiming he scaled a 2-metre-high fence, the French Mallorca resident says he has been planning the invasion ever since he knew the match was happening. “I wanted to meet Messi and grab a photo with him because he is my idol”.

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