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Mourinho: “We have a great nucleus of players, but we need more time”

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Jose Mourinho insists that Tottenham have a great nucleus of players and hopes it will carry them into the next five years. But admits that they need time to build.

Following a poor display at Bramall Lane, coming away with a 3-1 defeat again Sheffield United, Mourinho said he ‘wants to believe that in five years’ time, the team will have much more than that of today’s team’, despite a tumultuous season.

Ahead of their game at Goodison Park tonight, Mourinho said,

“In this team we have lots of people the right age with the right quality and right ambition … I would say that in three, four, five years’ time, the base of the team will still be around. Important players that are in the club now. That’s why I say we don’t need to make lots of changes. I believe we have an important nucleus of players.”

When returning to London after their game against Sheffield United, Mourinho was not happy with their lack of desire and revealed a team inquiry was held. However, Jose insists it was positive and ‘honest’ but will not discuss the dialogue exchanged. He believes that ‘what happens inside stays inside’.

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