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Neal Maupay collided with Arsenal keeper, Bernd Leno, causing horror knee injury.

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Neal Maupay apologises for Bernd Leno injury following 2-1 victory.

During the Arsenal VS Brighton match, Brighton’s Forward player, Maupay collided shoulder-to-shoulder with Arsenal keeper Leno when running for the ball. This caused Leno’s knee to go from under him, bending backwards as he landed. The 28-year-old is heard screaming in agony as the medics rush to his attention, causing a 5 minute delay in action. Bernd Leno is then carried off in a stretcher and seen pointing angrily at Maupay.
The tension only grew when Brighton scored their second on the 95th minute. Once the final whistle went, the Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is seen grabbing Maupay by the throat. FA is to consider Matteo’s charge where a decision is most likely to be made either Monday or Tuesday. The player is then to respond to the charge before 6pm the following day.

After the match in an interview, Maupay was apologetic of Leno’s injury and explained that he “really didn’t mean to injure him”. He also apologised to Arsenal’s manager, at half time. He stated,

“I just jumped to get the ball maybe and when he landed, he twisted his knee, so I apologise to their team and to him as well. I have been through a bad injury so I know how hard it is but I never meant to hurt him … I wish him a speedy recovery”.

Despite being very apologetic, he then continued saying that some of the Arsenal players "maybe need to learn some humility".

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