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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions we are providing are for your use of our site and services  at You must read terms and conditions carefully before using our site or subscribing to our service. By using our site and services, you are consenting to the following terms and conditions:

You accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with site regulations.

If you do not accept and consent to our terms and conditions, you must not use our site and services.


  1. We amend our site regularly to reflect real-time updates, the services we provide, and the needs of our users.

  2. You accept any changes and updates in our terms of use and therefore agree to check our terms and conditions regularly.

  3. Do not rely on the information provided from this site

  4. Information provided, although updated regularly, does not guarantee winning bets.

  5. The content provided is general information only, gathered from third parties, and is widely accessible to the public.

  6. We are not responsible for any bets you place.

  7. We are not a bookmaker in any way

  8. The content and information we provide should not be taken as advice. Specialist advice must be obtained before taking any action based on the information we have provided.

  9. You are responsible for keeping your account details safe.

  10. Your chosen password must be treated as confidential information and must not be disclosed to any third party.

  11. You have the right to change your password at any time.

  12. If you know or suspect that anyone has stolen your username or password, you must notify us immediately at

  13. Contactable information

  14. If you have any issues or problems with the site or your account, you must contact our customer service at

  15. When contacting CheekyBET please allow up to three working days for a response, including emails regarding cancellations.

  16. If we need to contact you, we will do so by the email address provided to us in your order when signing up to our site.

  17. Any personal information obtained by CheekyBET will remain confidential under the General Data Protection Regulation.

  18. Do not share or replicate information shown from the “Membership Area” of our website.

  19. In doing so, we reserve the right to enforce permanent dismissal of your account from CheekyBET.

  20. We also reserve the right to to cancel your membership without refund.

  21. Subscribing to our service.

  22. To access our “Membership Area” you must sign up with a valid email address and purchase your desired plan. In doing so, you will be asked to provide personal information including (but not limited to) your forename and surname, postal address, email address. It is your responsibility to ensure the details provided by yourself are accurate and up to date. You can change your information by contacting

  23. When purchasing a subscription, you must provide us with accurate and complete payment information. We reserve the right to terminate your membership if you fail to make a payment.

  24. We will take payment immediately when you have joined any of our plans unless it is a “Free Trial”.

  25. Payments will occur once a month and your subscription will automatically renew for the same period. Unless cancelled or you have purchased a one-off payment plan.

  26. You can cancel your membership at any time. If you are having problems cancelling your membership, contact us at

  27. If you are one of our first 200 members, you are entitled to a discounted rate for the entirety of your use of CheekyBET. However, cancellation ends the discounted plan and you will not be able to access the discounted plan from then onwards.

  28. Purchasing one-off payment plans will take only one payment and any additional payments will occur, if decided by the customer, to purchase another one-off plan.

  29. You are not entitled to a refund

  30. Once payment has been received you are not entitled to a refund.

  31. We are not accountable for any lost bets therefore you will not be refunded your subscription amount.

  32. Once cancelled, you are not entitled to a refund of the subscription amount.

  33. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription before the renewal date to prevent being charged for an extra month.

  34. This website is not intended for children.

  35. We do not advise or condone anyone under the age of 18 to use our site. As anyone under 18 is a minor, the responsibility lies with the parent/guardian and not with CheekyBET.

  36. Anyone known to us under the age of 18 will be dismissed from our site.

  37. Dismissal from CheekyBET

  38. Breaching these terms and conditions provided by CheekyBET, will lead to permanent dismissal of your account.

  39. All terminology in this document is intended for literal interpretation and not ambiguous interpretation.

  40. Misinterpretation of this document is not the liability of CheekyBet.

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