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CheekyBET is a place you can get all relevant information to place your bet. Helping you understand what outcomes are more likely; it shows you head to head stats comparisons of two teams for an upcoming match. These stats are based on their last 5 matches. The stats sheets include a comparison of team information and averages in the last 5 games. This is designed to help you get a closer idea of what to expect from a certain aspect in a match.

You can access regularly uploaded stats sheets from our free section, choose to buy 1 week memberships as a one-off payment or choose to sign up as monthly subscription. Both paid memberships grant you access to our stats sheets and the HUB, where you can talk, share bets, or see what our betting picks are!

The first section titled 'stats last 5 all competitions', represents each team's last 5 matches, and how many out of them 5 in that rows' category is achieved. Each row represents the following:

  • Form: Last 5 games win, lose, or draw. The letter highlighted in black being the latest game.

  • BTTS (both teams to score): In the last 5 games, how many times have both teams scored.

  • Clean sheet: In the last 5 games, how many times have each team not conceded a goal.

  • Over 1.5 goals: In last 5 games, how many times did the final score line represents more than 1 goal (e.g   1-1 or 2-0).

  • Over 2.5 goals: As above but with a final score over 2 goals (e.g 2-1 2-2).

  • Failed to score: Amount of times a team has failed to score in the last 5.

The second section titled 'Last 5 team average per game' represents each team's last 5 match stats as an average. The data shown is each team's average amount. 

  • Goals scored: The average amount of goals each team scored in the last 5 matches.

  • Goals conceded: The average amount of goals each team has conceded in the last 5 matches. 

  • First half goals: The average amount of goals each team scored in the first half of a game in the last 5 matches.

  • Second half goals: As above but for the second half in the last 5 matches.

  • Corners: The average amount of corners a team is awarded in a game, for the last 5 matches.

  • Booking points: The average amount of booking points a team is awarded in the last 5 matches. Booking points are given out for yellow and red cards shown in a game (Yellow card 10 booking points each) (Red cards 25 booking points each) or  (2 yellows to the same player resulting in a red 35 booking points).

  • Shots: The average amount of shots each team have in the last 5 matches.

  • Shots on target: The average amount of shots on target each team have in the last 5 matches.

The stats sheets will also include Notable information. This shows the previous score from the last time the two teams played each other.

News is another section of CheekyBet. It aims to brings you the latest football stories, without unnecessary information; no endless scrolling!

Another section of Cheeky bet is the Hub. Hub is where we want all our members to come together and talk everything football. From the bets they have placed, to who they think their team should sign, and so on.


Anything CheekyBet can help you with, you can contact us on the following Email address. We hope to get back to you as soon as possible.


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